Overview of some projects I have worked on in the past. Not all projects listed below were build from zero by myself, some are open source projects that I modified in some way (can be design or features for example). Keep in mind these projects are only a small selection of all the web projects; and non-web projects aren’t listed either.

Color Picker

A website consist of colors, lots of colors! A webdesigner mainly uses colors in the hexadecimal format, such as #D9ECFF. To be able to pick the right colors for a website, the color picker can be a handy tool!

Skills used: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP

ODP Editor

Since April 2012, I am an ODP editor. The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a Webindex maintained by volunteer editors and I am happy I can be part of the community and contribute. Have a look at my public Dmoz profile.

Skills used: other


We all use the internet, but not everyone has the same connection type or connection speed. With this speedtest (also called bandwidth meter) you are able to determine both your connection type and speed.

Skills used: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP

URL shortener

If you use Twitter, you know that one tweet has a 140 character limit. Once that limit is reached, you can’t add more content to the tweet. A long URL can easily consist of 50 characters and as a result, you only have 90 characters left to add content to your tweet. A URL shortener, such as will turn your long URL into a short one: problem solved!

Skills used: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL

The United States of America

Okay I know, this is not a real ‘project’, but I’m really too excited to list it so here it is! As a student of the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, I’m able to go to a foreign country to complete my internship in a company. I’m not shy at all to grab this opportunity with my both hands! That’s why I’m currently working towards meeting the minimum requirements. This counter shows how many days until, you guessed it, my internship in the US!

Skills used: HTML, CSS3, JS, PHP

Check IPv6

Ever wondered if you already have an IPv6 address? Here you can check check IPv6 connectivity. Fear not if you see IPv4 instead, with the World IPv6 Day and other initiatives, ISP’s are working hard to offer their customers IPv6 addresses in a couple of months/years. As an extra, you will see which browser and operating system you are currently using.

Skills used: HTML, CSS3, JS, PHP

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