Belgian e-commerce doubles in 2 years time

E-commerce in Belgium compared to other European countriesDuring the past year, about 43 percent of the Belgian consumers ordered goods or services online. According to figures from the ‘Federale Overheidsdienst Economie‘ (Federal Public Service Economy). Two years ago, e-commerce reached 38 percent of Belgian consumers. The year before, the corresponding figure was only 21 percent. Belgium is an average country compared to other European countries when it comes to e-commerce, but there still remains a significant gap with the neighboring countries, where the penetration of e-commerce is at least 10% higher. The highest score in Europe is recorded in Britain and Sweden, where 71 percent of the population uses e-commerce. The main objections to online purchases remain the persistent questions regarding the security of e-commerce, high delivery costs and long delivery times.

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