How to remove a LinkedIn connection in the new layout

LinkedIn rolled out a new layout, with some improvements and a totally new design. A lot of people use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals or they use it as a job hunting tool. But once you leave your current job or your relationship with a certain connection is not what it used to be, you come to a point where you just want to remove that connection. If you are unsure and need help on how to delete a LinkedIn friend, kindly follow the next steps:

First of all, you need to login into your LinkedIn account. Quick tip: make sure there is https and not http in the address bar; which means you have a secure connection with the LinkedIn servers.

Once logged in, select ‘Contacts’ in the menu on top of the page. Then, click on ‘Connections’. Now you see an overview of all your LinkedIn connections.

In the main menu on, choose ‘Contacts’, ‘Connections’

The next step is easy. On the current page, you will see ‘Remove Connections’ in the top right. If you are having trouble to find it, here is the direct link.

Click on ‘Remove Contacts’ in the top right

Now we have come to the last step. You will see an overview of all your LinkedIn connections. Simple select the contact/connection that you would like to delete (you are able to select more than one). Once you are sure you want to delete the connection(s), simply confirm by clicking on the ‘Remove Connections’ button. Once you have done this, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn homepage and the selected connection(s) will be removed.

Once a contact has been deleted, you are unable to add it back – unless you connect again with him/her and he/she accepts your request. Remember that the connection you delete will not be notified about it. Also, if you deleted a certain connection, you are the only one who can ‘reinitiate’ that connection. In other words: if person X removes person Y, person X is the only one who can request to connect again as person Y will not have such option.

Reporting a person is possible as well. Go to the person’s profile and right under the profile badge in the right corner, you will find a ‘flag’ button. Click it and you get a little popup window asking you to report the profile as:

  1. an advertisement (if the person advertises on LinkedIn)
  2. copyrighted material (if the person uses for example images that is not owned by him/her)
  3. inappropriate picture (the user utilizes a picture with nudity, for example)
  4. inappropriate content (a broad term)
  5. misrepresentation (the user claims to be someone else)
  6. out of date (self explanatory, this is not so common)
  7. other (it’s a good idea to provide some more information in the appropriate textbox)

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