Here is the new Furby 2012

After an absence of more than 10 years, toymaker Hasbro made a new Furby. The new Furby is much more sophisticated, and the capabilities of the robot can be extended with various apps.

The new Furby looks still almost the same as its predecessor from 1998. The technology and built-in sensors are more advanced and the eyes are replaced by two LCD lights.
The Furby not only responds to touch (for example, he will be angry when you hold him upside down), but also voices and music. After a while, the robot will develop its own character. Which is also new, is the ability to communicate with other Furby’s.
The movie below will also show the Furby application. The robot communicates with the tablet by means of sound signals, and allows you to play games. There is also a translation feature, so you can understand everything your Furby is trying to tell you. Whether there is an Android app for the Furby, is unclear.
Furby 2012 will cost about 60 dollars and will be available in September in the United States.

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