Veranderen van energieleverancier en minder betalen

Elk huishouden heeft nood aan gas en/of elektriciteit. Je gebruikt het om je huis te verwarmen, om je lampen te laten branden, om een douche te kunnen nemen… Daarom is het zeker interessant om eens te prijzen te vergelijken. Want zonder je het weet, betaal je mogelijk vandaag te veel geld. Wanneer je naar de […]

Experiences and tips: Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Assessement

As a digital management trainee at ORMIT, I work on digital projects at BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgium’s biggest bank. This bank realises the world is changing fast and the digital revolution is a fact. As such, BNP Paribas Fortis uses the scrum framework instead of waterfall in order to quickly develop new applications. While I […]

Belgian administrations and SSL – 2016

Belgium recently faced terrorist attacks in Brussels; the Brussels bombings received international media coverage and greatly impacted our society. However, it is not only our physical security we should be worried about. Online security threats, from any source, can be just as harming or arguably even worse. Belgian administrations and SSL – 2016 was last modified: April 2nd, […]

The Very Best (Top 10) Android Apps of 2016

Just like last year, I present a list of the very best Android apps for the coming year – 2016. With currently almost 1,5 billion users, Android is the most used mobile operating system. It’s an incredible platform with lots of possibilities in terms of customisation and connectivity, making it an operating system that is running […]

Google Contributor: wat, en waarom ik het omarm

De afgelopen maanden lees je het regelmatig op verschillende tech websites en blogs: adblock software kent een stijgende populariteit. In die mate zelfs dat websites die afhankelijk zijn van advertentie inkomsten, genoodzaakt zijn om hun business model radicaal om te gooien. Google Contributor: wat, en waarom ik het omarm was last modified: November 7th, 2015 […]

Personal one-month challenge: reading a book per week

Most people set goals for a new year and… that’s it. It is just a resolution but reaching their goal seems optional. I like setting goals, but I also like to reach these goals. I was inspired by Mark Zuckerberg, who challenged himself to read a book every week of 2015. I’m excited for my […]

Submit academic research paper to Google Scholar

You have worked many months to complete your thesis or academic paper and you have relied on existing knowledge to finalize your research. Now you want to make your work available to the public. Here is how to properly include your academic research (journal article, thesis, book, ) in the Google Scholar search engine. Submit academic research […]