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De Bitcoin prijs gaat momenteel sterk naar omhoog. Je hoort ook zeer frequent over Bitcoin op het nieuws en het betaalmiddel is zelfs het gespreksonderwerp op kantoor tijdens de koffiepauze. Kortom, Bitcoin staat in de spotlights en ook naar de toekomst toe lijkt de digitale munt niet te stoppen. Maar je vraag je misschien nu af: hoe koop ik Bitcoins met mijn Euro’s? Continue reading Hoe koop ik Bitcoins? Stap-voor-stap uitleg

Digital currency has been around of many years now. It actually all started with Dr. David Chaum in 1982 with the publication of his paper ‘Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms’. This is an excerpt from the paper’s abstract: “A technique based on public key cryptography is presented that allows an electronic mail system to hide who a participant communicates with as well as the content of the communication – in spite of an unsecured underlying telecommunication system. The technique does not require a universally trusted authority.” (Chaum, 1982) These are the elements we recognize in the abstract:

  • Public key cryptography
  • Hide who a participant communicates with as well as the content
  • Universally trusted authority is not required

These elements can also be found in cryptocurrencies today, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. So we can conclude that Chaum has laid the groundwork for digital currencies. Continue reading Cryptocurrencies: A Brief History and Recent (Legal) Developments

If you want to receive donations on your Litecoin address, there are actually multiple options. The easiest one is of course just copy and paste your Litecoin address and ask people to donate. But let’s be some more creative and make it easier for everyone to donate to your LTC address with less effort. Continue reading Create Litecoin Donate Link and Button

Securing your Litecoin (“LTC”) wallet is a must. Since Litecoin is increasingly popular as a cryptocurrency, the value of Litecoin is increasing as well over time. So it’s a good thing you’ve come here to lear how to effectively protect and backup your Litecoin wallet. Let’s get started! Continue reading How To Secure and Backup Your Litecoin Wallet