Overview of maximum email attachment size per provider

Error message if attachment size is exceeding the limitation Depending on your e-mail program, e-mail provider, … you may see one of the below error messages when trying to attach or upload a file to your e-mail, or when trying to sentt the concerned message. Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. The file you’re attaching Keep reading →


WordPress: Fix ‘The editor has encountered an unexpected error’

After upgrading WordPress to the newest version, I received the following error message when trying to edit pages and posts in the WordPress dashboard: The editor has encountered an unexpected error. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘DotTip’ of undefined I am presented with three options/buttons: Attempt Recovery, Copy Post Text, Copy Error. Very strange to see Keep reading →


Solve iPhone error in Mail: Multipe Account Errors

The default Mail app in iOS and iPadOS is mostly great: it is rather simple, but it does the job in order to effectively manage e-mail. In my case, I have multiple e-mail accounts configured on my iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes I receive the following error when trying to fetch new mails manually: Multiple Account ErrorsThe Keep reading →


The 5 best and free photo editor programs as alternative to Photoshop

Click, click, click… If you use a professional DSLR or a smartphone picture: taking pictures with your favourite digital camera is super easy. But that’s just the first step! A picture can become so much better when you edit it with photo editing program. Next to the well-known (but expensive!) Adobe Photoshop, there are some Keep reading →


How to easily manage virtual desktops in Windows 10

Since the launch of Windows 10, you can have more than just one desktop at your disposal, thanks to a concept called virtual desktops. This means that you can have 2 or more ‘digital worlds’ that you can create to divide your work without having to buy an actual physical external screen. In one virtual Keep reading →


How to record your phone call on an iPhone: 4 free ways to do it

There are many reasons for wanting to record phone calls on your iPhone. If you want to record incoming and outgoing phone calls on your iOS device, there are unfortunately not a lot of options. There are quite a lot of apps on the Apple App Store that promise to record all of your calls, Keep reading →


WhatsApp Chat Backup: stuck during upload

Did you get a notification within WhatsApp on your iPhone that the Chat Backup function cannot complete? Ther are many possible issue that cause the backup to iCloud of your WhatsApp messages to fail. You already may have tried to force close the app, restart your device.. but nothing seems to help. In this blogpost, Keep reading →


Open and working torrent tracker list for 2020 – Increase your download speeds

Another year, another torrent tracker list on my website. In this article, you will once again find the a fresh list of open trackers that are fully working. The general advantage of (manually) adding torrent trackers to your downloads is increase the download speed, because you are potentially connected to more seeds and peers. What Keep reading →


Solve Outlook pop-up: “A program is trying to access e-mail address information”

Microsft Outlook is a very popular e-mail program, especially on Windows 10 computers and laptops. You may be using it as well, for example at home, school or in the office. But you may be annoyed with a recurrent pop-up message that is being displayed every so often. The pop-up says the following: A program Keep reading →


Guide: show the battery percentage remaining in the Windows 10 taskbar

In the control panel of Windows 10, a lot of settings can be tweaked in order to customise the operating system to make it look and behave as you want. However, some simple things are just impossible in Windows 10: for example showing the actual battery percentage in the Windows 10 system tray. One way Keep reading →


Original Apple iPhone/iPod: Earth lockscreen wallpaper

One of the very first lockscreen wallpapers that were by default shown on porable Apple devices (such as the iPod and the iPhone) was an image of Earth. The image of the earth, as shown from space, is a very iconic and recognisable photo that everyone will notice. For me personally, I thought it was Keep reading →


Wat riskeer je wanneer je te laat bent voor technische controle auto?

Elke auto in België moet naar de autokeuring. De overheid wilt namelijk dat elke wagen technisch in orde is, zodat eventueel gevaar vermeden kan worden. Tijdens zo een technische controle van je auto wordt gekeken naar een groot aantal zaken, zoals je remmen, de lichten, veiligheidsgordels, … Deze controle is een bevoegdheid van de gewesten: Keep reading →


Here is the best method to clean your AirPod Pro’s

The AirPod Pro’s are an awesome pair of headphones. For me, they quickly became close friends. The AirPods have awesome sound quality, and the built quality is great too: it’s a heavy duty device that can even resist water and sweat. However, they are not dirt-proof! After some weeks or months of use, you will Keep reading →


BinckBank: 200 euro gratis Transactietegoed bij Zelf Beleggen

Binck is een gekende online broker met een sterke reputatie. Binck is een Nederlands bedrijf, dat actief is in onder andere de BeNeLux en daar de grootste is zelfs. Bij elke broker is het belangrijk om te kijken naar de kosten die deze broker aanrekenen. Je kan namelijk misschien mooie rendementen genieten dankzij je beleggingen, Keep reading →


Vimexx: Mijn ervaring + Kortingscode voor webhosting en domeinnaam

Vimexx beschrijft zichzelf op hun website als ‘de best beoordeelde hoster van Nederland en België’. Het Nederlandse bedrijf uit Deventer is inderdaad een kwalitatieve partner als het gaat om hosting (shared hosting en reseller hosting) en het registreren van domeinnamen. Via Vimexx kan je zelf vrij eenvoudig een eigen website maken: een eigen persoonlijke website, een Keep reading →


How to enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS)

With the introduction of iOS 13 (and iPadOS 13), Apple has introduced the possibility to enable Dark Mode within many built-in applications, such as Settings or Mail. A lot of companies have also introduced a dark theme in your applications. It’s a great feature, that it certainly helpful when checking your phone when it is Keep reading →


Open and Working Torrent Tracker List: September 2019 Update

Adding the right torrent trackers to a torrent can greatly speed up torrent download speed. Because trackers keep track of the seeds and peers of a torrent, adding more trackers can enable your torrent client to download from more people. This can potentially revive your dead torrent or directly increase those download speed of an Keep reading →


Enable ‘Inspect Element’ in the Edge Browser to View Source

The Edge browser, which is developed by Microsoft and comes pre-installed on a Windows 10 system, has certainly improved a great deal compared to some years ago. With every new update of Windows 10, Microsoft has worked hard to speed up their Edge browser, while also making it more productive, organised and safe (see Microsoft Keep reading →


Htaccess: Redirect any page to a single URL

You may find yourself in the situation where you have to move domains. If this is the case for you, you want to redirect your visitors from the old domain to the new domain. In most cases, the best way to do this, is to redirect from the old homepage URL to the new homepage Keep reading →


Restart HomeBridge via SSH

Restarting HomeBridge can be sometimes handy when in testing mode. Here is the command to restart HomeBridge (to be used via SSH for example on your Linux system): The command will give no output, but HB should now be restarted. Restart HomeBridge via SSH was last modified: August 18th, 2019 by Thomas