Free, open and working torrent tracker list for 2023

Adding torrent trackers manually to resolve slow downloading torrents is beginning to become a lot more known by people overall it seems every year. Sometimes, there are not enough people (a seed or a peer) connected to you, which means that as a result your download speed will not be maximised. Generally speaking, if you Continue reading →


Get rid of the “Make it happen” Fitness notification on iPhone

The new iOS 16 operating system for iPhones was released in September, and a lot of new features were introduced alongside with this release for Apple’s popular smartphones. One of the new features it the new Fitness app. Previously, this app was only available on Apple Watch devices, but so now it is also a Continue reading →


Instellingen voor Telenet email adres

Heb jij een email adres en wil je jouw email adres instellen? Op deze pagina leg ik uit hoe je jouw Telenet mailbox kan configureren in een e-mailprogramma. Het kan dat je jouw Telenet mailbox reeds hebt ingesteld in het verleden, maar dat je nu geen emails meer kan ontvangen en/of versturen met jouw Continue reading →


Yellow warning triangle battery icon in Windows taskbar

Recently I saw a yellow warning indication next to the battery icon on my Windows laptop. When hovering with my mouse over the icon, there was no additional information that indicates a problem with the battery or the charging of my laptop. The only message it showed was: ’47 minutes to full charge’, which is Continue reading →


Proxmox Installation Stuck at 3%: “Create LVs”

Just some weeks ago I bought a used Mac mini. The Mac mini is equipped with a decent i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. I was thinking of installing Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) on this computer in order to run multiple operating systems on it, such as Home Assistant, Ubuntu and MacOS. However, when inserting Continue reading →


How to right-click on a Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse has a very sleek design: it is nicely curved and looks great next to any Mac device. The magic mouse is described on Apple website as: “Magic Mouse is wireless and rechargeable, with an optimized foot design that lets it glide smoothly across your desk.“ While this white or black mouse Continue reading →


Working open torrent trackers (July 2022 update)

The year 2022 is passing by quickly, so I was thinking to provide you with an update to a list of free, working and foremost free and public torrent trackers that you can use in your favourite torrent downloading program. What is a torrent tracker? As a small reminder, let’s start with a small reminder Continue reading →


How to solve Sync Error in Outlook for Mac

Recently I made the switch from Google Gmail to Microsoft Outlook for my personal emails. This migration also meant I had to move over all of my existing emails from Google to Microsoft. In order to migrate the whole mailbox from one account provider to the other, I used Microsoft Outlook for Mac device running Continue reading → IMAP and SMTP server settings for configuring email client

The website is a great portal which allows you to treat your e-mails, organise your contacts and manage your agenda. Currently for my case, I use it currently for my personal e-mail and I have been working many hours within this email web interface. However, next to the website, you may also want Continue reading →


Mac installation stuck: ‘Waiting for other installations to complete’

Just recently I wanted to perform an antivirus scan of my Mac, so I was planning to install Malwarebytes. I downloaded the package from the official website and clicked to accept the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, for some reason the installation was stuck at the ‘Waiting for other installation to complete‘ page. While I’ve had Continue reading →


Fix the ‘Your screen is being observed’ message on macOS?

Recently I wanted to open my MacBook computer to check my e-mails. But I immediately noticed something strange on the lock screen (the screen where you login into the computer). There was a message being shown at the top of the screen – the so-called Menu Bar – that I had not seen before. I Continue reading →


OneDrive synchronisation – “The name contains characters that aren’t allowed”

Recently I have made the decision to switch from Google to Microsoft for my personal (e-mail) account and related services. This means I had to move over a lot of data from Google’s servers to Microsoft, including my e-mail inbox, documents and pictures. When using the OneDrive synchronisation client on my Mac (a piece of Continue reading →


Access your Home Assistant via your own custom (sub)domain – Guide

For some months now, I have been running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi mini-computer at home. It’s a great asset in my ‘smart home’ and allows me to bundle a lot of smart IoT devices into one platform. When starting with Home Assistant, I only access it locally. Yet, I was looking for ways Continue reading →


Fix WordPress error “Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response”

Just today I was publishing a new WordPress blogpost – it was a quite basic blog post with only text and some images – when I suddenly received the following error message when I clicked on Publish: Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response I remember having seen the very same error Continue reading →


How to force-quit an app on MacOS

While MacOS is overall a very stable operating system, the different apps that you are running can still be stuck or frozen. In such cases, you may want to wait a bit to find out if the app will start to react again. But in other cases, you want to force close an application on Continue reading →


iPhone storage running low? Here are your options to increase the storage

The Apple iPhone is a great smartphone: it is a versatile mobile tool that is capable of handling almost any task. Furthermore, it can be used for taking pictures, recording videos, installing a variety of apps… But if you are running low on storage, you may face a recurrent warning message from Apple telling you Continue reading →


Change the keyboard layout of your computer

Change the keyboard layout via Settings The easiest method to quickly change the keyboard layout on your Windows computer, is to visit the Settings page. In order to open the Settings page, you can choose to go to Start, then search for ‘keyboard’. Or, directly open the Settings window and go to Languages, after which Continue reading →


Working and Open Torrent Trackers List (2022 Update)

It is becoming more known: adding more torrent trackers increase your torrent download speed. This is why, every year, I publish a fresh new list of open and free torrent trackers that you can use in your favourite torrent program. In broad terms, by adding more torrent trackers, your torrent downloads will connect to a Continue reading →


Set Custom DNS Servers for Specific Wi-Fi network on MacOS

Currently I am running AgGuard to block ads when I am connected to my local network via Wi-Fi. This is a great adblocking tool – it works basically the same as Pi-Hole (which I tried before using AdGuard and its one of the best Raspberry Pi use cases). Each DNS request is sent to AdGuard Continue reading →


Open torrent tracker list (September 2021) – Working trackers only

If you are looking to increase the download speed of your torrents, one of the best options is to ensure you are connected to a large number of torrent trackers. A torrent tracker is helping your torrent program (for example: uTorrent or qBittorrent) to discover more seeds and peers, which ultimately will help boost your Continue reading →