Remove REST API from WordPress header

WordPress uses the REST API since version 4.4 of the CMS. It enables developers to connect with the WordPress back-end more easily, since this API is a standardised way to connect. However, this also adds the following header to your Worpress website: To remove this added header from WordPress, you can edit your functions.php file within Continue reading →


Guide: Update HomeBridge plugins

If you previously have been installing HomeBridge (let’s say, on a Raspberry Pi), you know it’s a neat little piece of software. Thanks to HB, many non-smart or non-HomeKit enabled devices can be controlled via your iPhone or iPad using the Home app. A community of developers has created HomeBridge – HomeKit support for the Continue reading →


5 effectieve tips om je computer te versnellen

Zowat elke nieuwe computer is performant en voert meteen uit wat je vraagt. Maar al na een aantal maanden kan de computer trager worden en met de jaren gaat het alleen maar trager. Programma’s duren lang om te openen, websites laden traag, je computer opstarten duurt erg lang en ook de Windows updates lijken een Continue reading →


WebRTC in a Nutshell

In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone (or any other smart device, e.g. a smartwatch), the customer is spending an increasing amount of time online such as in the web browser or on mobile apps. Consumer-grade solutions for real-time audio-visual and textual communication are widely available and popular among audiences of all ages. Examples Continue reading →


Google Ads Policy: Important information regarding the user consent policy

I just received the following e-mail from [email protected] mailed by Dear Publisher, We want to let you know about a new policy about obtaining EU end-users’ consent that reflects regulatory and best practice guidance. It clarifies your duty to obtain end-user consent when you use products like Google AdSense, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Continue reading →