Secure WordPress login page with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a great way to protect and speed up your WordPress website.  I use their services as well for many years now and I’m very satisfied with their offerings. Here is a small (but possibly very important!) tip to maximise the security of your WordPress login page if you use Cloudflare as your DNS Continue reading →


Add falling snow to your website

It’s Christmas time: let’s make it snow! It’s this time of the year again: Christmas and New Year. Maybe you’ve seen on some sites that the website owner/designer has added a nice snow effect on their webpages. The snow overlay gives a nice, cosy feeling to the visitor. And you may have thought: how did Continue reading →


Check if a website supports HTTP/2

The web is ready to get a whole new protocol! Since about 1997, the web has been mostly powered by HTTP/1.1. Back in the 90’s, the web had other needs than we have today. The new protocl version, HTTP version 2 or in short HTTP/2, has some much needed improvements in terms of speed, reliability Continue reading →


Visual Editor not showing up on WordPress

When creating or editing a WordPress post or page, a user has the option to choose the visual editor (using TinyMCE) or text (the source code). One of my websites, with a clean WordPress installation and no plugins, decided to not show the visual editor buttons. So, I could only use the text editor. There Continue reading →


Howto: Moving your Flickr pictures to Google Photos

Google announced Google Photos, giving everyone with a Google account unlimited storage to safely backup all of their photos and videos. I expect many people to move over all of their pictures to Google Photos. One service that gained some popularity was Yahoo’s Flickr, which offered 1TB of storage. However, this is yet another account to Continue reading →