Add text after every line with Notepad++

If you have a long list of lines in your Notepad++ and you want to add content after each line; it’s often no option to do this task manually.

I recently needed to add a comma after every line in Notepad++, so I was looking for an automated solution.

So let’s do this! Open up the Replace window by using the keyboard combination CTRL + H. In the Find what input field, you enter $. In the Replace with, you enter whatever you want to add after each line (in my case, a comma ,). Make sure that you have the Regular expression Search Mode ticked! Finally, choose Replace all to get your results.

Replace text Notepad++

The same can be applied when you want to append (in front of every new line) text. Instead of the $ in Find what, you put a ^. The process stays the same as described above.


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