Working Torrent Tracker List – November 2020

Looking for a list of open torrent trackers to speed up your torrent downloads? Look no further: in this post I gathered a list of free and working trackers for your torrent download program to increase download speeds. Indeed, the more seeds and peers can be found (via a torrent tracker) for any torrent download, Continue reading →


Betreft: Er is extra informatie nodig over uw pakketje uit het buitenland

Bereken hier de douanekosten die je kan verwachten voor zendingen buiten de Europese Unie. GELIEVE DE GEVRAAGDE DOCUMENTEN TE BEZORGEN Via of te e-mailen naar [email protected] REF [tracking-code] Machelen, [datum] Betreft: Er is extra informatie nodig over uw pakketje uit het buitenland Zendingsnummer van dit pakket: [tracking-code] Geachte [ontvanger] Er is een pakketje naar Continue reading →


How to make an XML sitemap for WordPress

Sitemaps are important because they can notify search engines of all the webpages on your domain. The sitemap is a structured way to tell for example Google what pages it should add to their search index. If you use WordPress, there are a couple of ways to generate a sitemap for your website. What is Continue reading →


WhatsApp Chat Backup: stuck during upload

Did you get a notification within WhatsApp on your iPhone that the Chat Backup function cannot complete? Ther are many possible issue that cause the backup to iCloud of your WhatsApp messages to fail. You already may have tried to force close the app, restart your device.. but nothing seems to help. In this blogpost, Continue reading →