Pokémon GO: tips to minimise battery consumption

Pokémon GOWhat’s the most awesome game of the year? Yep, it’s Pokémon GO of course!

The game is so addicting, many users are playing the game for many hours straight. While the data consumption of Pokémon Go is quite within limits, the battery drain is quite the opposite: disastrous to say the least. The app is using a ton of battery. Here are some concrete tips in order to save some battery while playing Pokémon GO.

Battery Saver Mode

This one may sound obvious, but let’s start with an easy one. Inside the Pokémon GO app, there is the ability to enable Battery Saver mode. Go to Settings and tick the box next to ‘Battery Saver’. While you should not expect the game to suddenly use half of the battery it used to, you can at least expect a 5 to 10% longer battery life.

Next to the in-app option; your phone itself may also have a battery saving mode. Try to find it in the settings of your smartphone and enable it to maximise the battery life while playing the game.

Other settings

When you enabled the battery saver mode within the settings menu of the app, you may also have a look at the other settings you can find. For example the music and sound effects. Turn these off to maximise your battery saving efforts. Enjoy the outside noise instead.

Augmented Reality (AR)

When you encounter a Pokémon, you can catch it while you are using the AR mode. This is a nice feature that certainly makes it a fun experience. But it also drains your battery. Disable AR mode at the top right corner to save some extra battery. It will also be easier to catch Pokémon, so there’s a nice extra argument to disable this feature.

Your phone’s screen

One of the main battery drainers is your phone’s screen. There are two things you can do with your screen in order to save some extra battery:

  • Turn down the brightness of your screen. It may sound logical, but it really saves a ton of battery.
  • Keep your phone upside down. The game recognises you hold you phone upside down and will automatically turn your screen black. This also helps in saving battery.

Battery pack

And my last tip: buy a battery pack. A battery pack will allow you to play the game for many hours. Preferably, you buy one with a lot of capacity (mAh). Try Amazon for example. A good brand is for example Anker.


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