Chrome: Remove Your Name in the Top Right Corner

Google Chrome allows you to easily change from one profile to another. This is great when you share a computer/laptop with other people and you want to have your own favourites, history and settings. However, if you are the only user of your computer, that button with your name on takes up precious screen space. So, I wanted to get rid of it.


Previously, I could disable that button by going to chrome://flags on Google Chrome and to search for Enable new profile management system with description “Enables the new profile management system, including profile lock and the new avatar menu UI”. However, that no longer hides the button in the top right corner.

To remove/hide the new profile switcher box, you need to add a parameter to Chrome: --disable-new-avatar-menu. This means that on launch, Google Chrome will read the parameter and will disable the new avatar menu.


Here are the steps:

  • Right-click on the Chrome shortcut
  • Go to Properties > Shortcut
  • In Target, add --disable-new-avatar-menu to the end of the string (there is a space)

Close Chrome, open it again and the box with your name and avatar should be gone!


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3 thoughts on “Chrome: Remove Your Name in the Top Right Corner

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  2. Excellent post! Thank you for this, I’m so glad Google caught this, I was about to give up hope of ever removing that annoying little button. Good on you, Mister Vanhoutte.

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