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Microsoft‘s Edge browser brings a ton of great features. It’s Microsoft’s brand new browser that was introduced together with their latest operating system, Windows 10. One of these features is smooth scrolling. This means that when you scroll (with a trackpad, a mouse or by touch), the page will smoothly advance. This gives a very natural feeling when browsing the web.

However, if you use Google Chrome as your default browser, smooth scrolling is not enabled by default.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to add the smooth scrolling effect to Chrome. Just how I previously explained how you can remove your name in the top right corner of Google Chrome, this blogpost is equally easy to execute.

Right-click on your Chrome shortcut in the taskbar (or on your desktop). Then, choose properties.


In the properties window, add the following text, make sure there is a space in front of the string:



That was the last step! Now, relaunch Chrome and smooth scrolling is enabled in your favourite browser.

Not working properly? Try the SmoothScroll extension. It allows for “iOS-like smooth scrolling”.


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One thought on “Enable Edge-like smooth scroll in Google Chrome

  1. I use this setup to simulate the MS Edge scrolling:

    Step size [px]: 300
    Animation time [ms]: 400
    Acceleration scale: 3
    Acceleration delta [ms] 50
    Pulse Scale: 6
    Arrow key step site [px]: 300

    PS: I’ve configured my Windows global scroll lines from 3 to 7 in Settings -> Devices -> Mouse panel.

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