CSS3 mouse cursor styles

Here is an overview of most CSS3 cursor styles that you might want to use in your web development applications. All modern browsers should work.
Hover with your mouse over the boxes below to see a preview of the cursor style.

cursor: alias;
cursor: all-scroll;
cursor: cell;
cursor: col-resize;
cursor: context-menu;
cursor: copy;
cursor: ew-resize;
cursor: nesw-resize;
cursor: no-dropw;
cursor: none;
cursor: not-allowed;
cursor: ns-resize;
cursor: nwse-resize;
cursor: row-resize;
cursor: vertical-text;

Of course, there are the CSS2 cursors as well.

cursor: default;
cursor: help;
cursor: pointer;
cursor: text;
cursor: move;
cursor: wait;

These CSS2 and CSS3 cursors can help your users in working with your web application; as a mouse pointer gives the user a hint as to what he or she can do (action-based).


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