DirectAdmin: “Error Loading ssl_cipher”

When I could no longer connect to my server on port 2222, I knew something was up with Direct Admin. I received the error Stopping Direct Admin Failed.

I checked the error logs and the error was as follows;

2015:05:25-00:25:07: Error Loading ssl_cipher: AES128+EECDH:AES128+EDH

There appears to be something wrong with loading the ssl cipher for the Direct Admin service. So I edited the directadmin.conf file:


and changed the value for ssl_cipher to another value that might work. But, still the same error:

2015:05:25-00:25:33: Error Loading ssl_cipher: ALL:!ADH:RC4+RSA:+HIGH:+MEDIUM:-LOW:-SSLv2:-SSLv3:-EXP

With the recent POODLE and Heartbleed vulnerabilities, I wanted a strong cipher for my own server, obviously. Ultimately, I set the value to:


All good now, and the service did restart properly this time!

[[email protected] ~]# sudo /etc/init.d/directadmin restart
Stopping DirectAdmin: [ OK ]
Starting DirectAdmin: [ OK ]


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