DirectAdmin: “your hostname is setup improperly on your system”

A daily e-mail may be greeting your about your DirectAdmin installation not  being configured properly.

Subject: This is e-mail notification to warn you that your hostname is setup improperly on your system.

Your hostname,, and the servername you have set in DirectAdmin,, do not match.  It is recommended that these two values are the same.


Either change the servername in DirectAdmin or run the ‘’ script via ssh to change your hostname

Direct Admin - Web Control PanelTo solve this issue on a virtual private server (VPS), it is sufficient to change the host name in your control panel.

So go to the control panel of your virtual server provider (often, this is SolusVM) and update the hostname. The hostname should match the one you have set in DirectAdmin.

This is a daily e-mail, so once you changed this value, you won’t receive any more of these e-mails the next day or any other day in the future.

Make sure your hostname can be resolved properly! So check the DNS records for your hostname and verify this is true.


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