Disable G Suite Scripts e-mail notifications

Certain G Suite scripts send out e-mail notifications based on your predefined triggers. For example, there is the Gmail meter which uses the activityReport function to sent out e-mails to your Google address (Gmail or G Suite).

However, if you would like to stop receiving these e-mails, deleting that script is not enough. Because if you delete it, the script will keep running and might throw errors instead.

To solve this, there are two methods.

  1. Delete the script (most likely a spreadsheet, stored in your Google Drive folders) from the trash. This will permanently delete it and it will no longer sent e-mail notifications.
  2. Delete the trigger. Open any spreadsheet (or create a new blank one), choose Tools → Script Editor → Resources → All your triggers. Now delete the trigger that you no longer need.

That’s it, you should stop receiving these G Suite script notifications from apps-scripts-notifications@google.com, mailed by unified-notifications.bounces.google.com.

This was the (in Dutch) message I received daily:

Samenvatting van fouten voor G Suite Script: Gmail Meter
Het voltooien van je script, Gmail Meter, is onlangs mislukt. Hieronder wordt een samenvatting van de fout(en) weergegeven. Klik hier als je de triggers voor dit script wilt configureren of de instelling voor het ontvangen van toekomstige foutmeldingen wilt wijzigen.


26-5-15 16:17activityReportEr is toestemming nodig om deze actie uit te voeren.time-based26-5-15 16:17

Met vriendelijke groet,

G Suite Script

Hulp nodig? Ga naar de documentatie bij G Suite Script. Dit bericht a.u.b. niet beantwoorden. (c) 2015 Google


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