Disable OneNote 2016 on startup (icon in tray)

Included in the Microsoft Office 2016 package is OneNote 2016, a tool to organise notes and thoughts. If you do not use OneNote 2016; it will still automatically start up the next time you boot your Windows device.

To prevent OneNote 2016 from starting up the Send to OneNote Tool, you can disable this behaviour.

To only hide the icon in the system tray: open OneNote and go to File > Options. Next, on the right hand side, click on Display and untick the box next to ‘Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar’. This should hide the icon in the tray.

Hiding the icon may be sufficient for you, however, the tool still starts every time you boot up your computer. Fully disabling the startup of the tool is done through the task manager. Open it (CTRL + Shift + ESC, or right click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager) and go to the Startup tab. There, disable the Send to OneNote Tool in the list of items. While you are at that screen, I suggest you also disable various other applications or services that may delay the startup of your computer.

Disable the startup of the OneNote tool

OneNote will still function properly as it did before, but it will not automatically place an icon in your system tray or startup every time you boot up your computer.


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11 thoughts on “Disable OneNote 2016 on startup (icon in tray)

    1. Hi

      You could use msconfig.
      Go to start and search for msconfig. Then choose ‘Startup’. From there, you can disable the start of OneNote on system boot up.

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I’ve been looking anywhere to uninstall my Onenote 2016 but there’s no result.
    Is that an app from MS Office 2016, not a standalone app? Thus, if I want to remove it then I have to reinstall my MS Office 2016 with modification?
    I am curious about this app since all of the available suggestions are to uninstall Onenote instead of Onenote 2016.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Putra
      You have to go to configuration panel and go to your programs. From there, you can modify the Office 2016 suite. Once you go through the wizard, you should see the option to disable/uninstall OneNote 2016 that was bundled with Microsoft Office 2016.
      If you can’t see such option; another possibility is to fully uninstall Office, reinstall it and upon re-installation uncheck OneNote.

  2. I followed your instructions again and again, rebooted and rebooted and onenote still pops up on my screen. Task manager says it is disabled but it still comes up. ??

        1. Same issue. What’s interesting is all of us who have disabled OneNote yet it still pops up on startup have posted recently. Thomas wrote this solution two years back. That leads me to believe Microsoft has decided we shouldn’t be allowed to disable OneNote. So annoying.

  3. https://www.urtech.ca/2016/02/solved-how-to-disable-onenote-from-starting-and-putting-an-icon-in-notification-area/
    Having OneNote start up by default everytime you sign into Windows is obnoxious. If you want to get rid of the OneNote icon in system tray / notification area permanently:

    Launch OneNotehow-to-disable-onenote-icon-system-tray-startup
    Click FILE
    Click OPTIONS
    Click DISPLAY

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