Enable ‘Inspect Element’ in the Edge Browser to View Source

The Edge browser, which is developed by Microsoft and comes pre-installed on a Windows 10 system, has certainly improved a great deal compared to some years ago. With every new update of Windows 10, Microsoft has worked hard to speed up their Edge browser, while also making it more productive, organised and safe (see Microsoft Edge Tips). It is a great alternative browser to Chrome now, including developers.

However, one small yet notable and handy feature has been missing in Edge: Inspect Element and View Source when right clicking on a DOM element. In Chrome, it is easy to enable the Inspect menu: right-click and select Inspect. But in Edge, this context menu isn’t there.

The ‘View Page Source’ and ‘Inspect’ options are available in the context menu in Chrome when right-clicking

To enable Inspect element in the Edge browser in Windows 10, you will simply need to enable one switch and the option will appear. So go ahead and open Edge (if it isn’t already open) and open a new tab. In the address bar, type: about:flags. Under Developer Settings, enable the option: Show “View source” and “Inspect element” in the context menu.

Enalbe this Developer setting in order to enable the inspect and view source options to appear.

An alternative option is to use shortkeys. The shortkey for Inspect is CTR+SHFT+I. Once pressed, the developer pane in Edge will open up.


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