Films & TV: Can’t play. Error 0x1010103

While playing a movie file with the default media player on Windows 10, Films & TV, I received the following error message:

Can’t play.

Choose something else to play. This item is in a format we don’t support.


Here is a screenshot of the popup I received:

Error Films & TV Windows 10

Possibly, the file was broken in some way. For example, it could have been damaged or an incomplete file due to an error during download.

Another possibility is that the file was in an unsupported format. A possible solution is to update Windows 10 first. New updates often include new features and bug fixes; it is likely that new video formats are supported.

Alternatively, try installing VLC Media Player. It’s a free and open source media player that supports a wider range of media types compared to the default build-in TV & Movies tool that is part of Windows 10.


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2 thoughts on “Films & TV: Can’t play. Error 0x1010103

  1. I tried VLC but it still doesnt work. I recorded a video and after 5-10 seconds i finished the video my computer overheated. And it shut off itsself. What do i do plox help :/

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