Find out the current (mA) of USB external devices on Windows

Each USB device that you connect to your Windows computer, or even iPad, will consume power in order for it to function properly. Let’s say you connect a keyboard to your iPad via an OTG cable, this keyboard will draw some current from the iPad in order to function.

To find out how much power a USB device is consuming, you can use a little (portable) program called ChipGenius. You only have to download ChipGenius from the website of the developer, and run it.

In the top, you will see each USB controller/device that is present in your system. Select the device you want to see the current from. In my case, I wanted to know how much power a USB mouse receiver uses to interaction with my wireless mouse. The max current is 100mA, so there is my answer!

Description: USB Composite Device(Compx 2.4G Receiver)
Device Type: Human Interface Device
Protocal Version: USB 1.10
Current Speed: Full Speed
Max Current: 100mA
USB Device ID: VID = 25A7 PID = FA23
Device Vendor: Compx
Device Name: 2.4G Receiver
Device Revision: 0232
Controller Part-Number: Unknown

The same method should work for virtually any USB device you connect. This includes:

  • USB Flash drives (thumb drive)
  • Keyboards
  • Mice (wired or wireless)
  • Dongles
  • Cameras


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