Get rid of the “Make it happen” Fitness notification on iPhone

The new iOS 16 operating system for iPhones was released in September, and a lot of new features were introduced alongside with this release for Apple’s popular smartphones. One of the new features it the new Fitness app. Previously, this app was only available on Apple Watch devices, but so now it is also a default app on your iPhone.

However, in their push towards healthy lifestyle, Apple now will sent a daily notification to your phone “Make it happen“. The notification says: “Name, you didn’t close your Move ring yesterday. Let’s try to close it today.” If you tap on the notification, you will be taken to the new Fitness app where you will see the overview of your fitness status. If you long press the notification, nothing happens. On my side, I wasn’t that interested in such notification, mainly because I didn’t enable it myself.

And so I was looking for a way to disable the Make it happen fitness notifications on the iPhone

First, open the Fitness app. You can also just tap the notification itself to open the Fitness app right away from the Notification Center on your iPhone. Then, tap on your avatar (your avatar is located in the top right corner of the screen).

Under the setting ‘Notifications’ you will find three options in total:

  • Daily Coaching: Get notifications that help you complete your Activity goals.
  • Goal Completions: Receive a notification when you close your Move ring or earn an award.
  • Activity Sharing: Receive a notification when someone who shares Activity with you complete a workout or earns an award.

In order to stop the ‘Make it happen’ notification, it suffices to disable the first toggle (Daily Coaching). Of course, if you have no interest in the other types of notifications, you may also choose to disable these notifications as well. Later on, you can easily enable them again.

Alternatively, you can also remove the Fitness app from your iPhone. By removing the app, the notifications that go along with it will equally disappear on your phone. Removing the Fitness app – which is a default app on iOS 16 – it the same process as a regular app. Simply long press the Fitness icon and select to remove it.


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  1. Thanks to Apple’s inconsistent UX I had to serach for this information, thank you for sharing it.

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