Gmail on Apple iOS Mail app: Delete and Archive button

Managing a Gmail (or G Suite) e-mail account on an iOS device (such as an iPhone or an iPad) is often done by using the Gmail app from the App Store. However, you may not like the app, and you prefer the built-in Mail app that is by default installed on your device. Unfortunately, on the Mail app, there is no option to both Delete or Archive an e-mail for Gmail accounts. Here I explain how you can both Delete and Archive a Gmail e-mail on the Mail app.

Fine-tune your Settings app

First, you will need to have to go to the Settings app on your iOS device. For this blogpost, I assume you are working with an iPhone and you have a Gmail account (example: [email protected]). Under ‘Accounts’, select the concerned Gmail account. Once the account is opened, go to ‘Advanced’ (at the bottom of the screen).

In the advanced menu, select ‘Deleted Mailbox’ or ‘Archive Mailbox’ under Move discarded messages into:. Now think what action you will mainly use? If you often delete e-mail, select ‘Deleted Mailbox’. In case you almost  never delete an e-mail, but rather archive it, select ‘Archvie Mailbox’. Note that Gmail has a policy where e-mails are automatically deleted after 30 days once they arrive in the Deleted Mailbox, so keep that in mind when selecting this option. You can now close the Settings app.

Delete and Archive trick in the Mail app

Open the Mail app (that blue icon with the envelop) and go to any e-mail in your Inbox folder. At the bottom of that e-mail, you will see some options, including: flag, move to folder, delete or archive, reply and new e-mail. The trick is to long-press the delete or archive option: by performing this action, a new menu pops up where you can select both Delete and Archive for that e-mail.

The Delete and Archive menu option slides up once you long press the middle menu option

I guess there was not enough space in the bottom menu bar in Mail to both add a delete and archive possibility. So instead, by long-pressing, a little trick allows you to still be master of your Gmail e-mails. This is likely to work on other providers as well – though, I haven’t tested it yet (feel free to add a comment below with your experience).


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