Hiding a Google Analytics web property

I use many Google products. One of them is Google Analytics and it’s my favourite web analysis and reporting tool, thanks to its rich reports and extended features.

However, recently I wanted to hide a Google Analytics property. Some websites I set up a few years ago, do no longer exist and so I wanted to get rid of these websites in my websites overview. However, I did want to retain the data associated with that website. So I was looking for an archive function, just like in Gmail.

After countless searches, there was no real solution. Options I found:

  • exporting the data and then deleting that property;
  • creating a second Google account, delegating access of that property to the second account, then removing access from the primary account

These are ‘ok’ solutions. This is what I ultimately did, though:

within Google Analytics, you can add a star to a property (yes, similar to Gmail), situated on the right of each property on the ‘home’ tab.

Google Analytics star

Google Analytics star

And GA allows you to filter your properties to only show starred properties.

Only show starred properties in GAOnly show starred properties in GA

Only show starred properties in GA

Et voilà! This little trick allowed me to hide a ton of domains that no longer reported any data and that did not need my attention. They were now out of my sight, but, they were still available to me if I ever needed to check their data in the future.


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