Remove the search icon from the taskbar in Windows 10

By default, you will see there is a search icon in your taskbar, on the right of the start icon Windows key. Clicking the search icon will open up a search box, with the title “Start typing to search for apps, files, and settings”.

But instead of clicking the search icon in your dock to search for things on your Windows 10 computer, you could also simply open start menu and start typing. No need for a search icon taking up so much space and distracting you!

It’s quite easy to remove that search icon in the taskbar of Windows 10. Right click on the task bar, then choose Search and click on Hidden.

Taskbar right-click, Search, Hidden

Taskbar right-click, Search, Hidden

Once you complete these easy steps, that search icon should be gone. To re-enable the search icon, click Show search icon instead. Or, to show a search box, rather click on Show search box.


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