How to right-click on a Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse has a very sleek design: it is nicely curved and looks great next to any Mac device. The magic mouse is described on Apple website as: “Magic Mouse is wireless and rechargeable, with an optimized foot design that lets it glide smoothly across your desk.

While this white or black mouse works great out of the box via bluetooth, some people are a bit confused with its minimal functionality on the other hand. Sure, it supports gesture input and what not, but a simple right-click does’t seem to work on the Magic Mouse?

The Apple Magic Mouse typically works over a bluetooth connection. The older versions are powered by two AA batteries, while the newer versions of this mouse actually contain a build-in battery and are charged via a lightning port on the bottom of the device.

How to enable right-click on the Magic Mouse?

The right-click option on a Magic Mouse is actually disabled by default. Apple assumes that you know that control+left-click is actually the same as right-clicking something on your screen. Yes, that’s right: this combination will also allow you to right click without having an explicit right-click area on your Magic Mouse.

However, you may not want to always find the control key and press it. It may be confusing for you, because you are not used to working this way and rather prefer a dedicated right-click button on your (new) mouse.

Here are the steps to take to simply enable the right-click function on your MacOS computer when using the magic mouse:

  • First, ensure the Magic Mouse is connected to your Mac
  • Open settings, and select Mouse
  • Enable Secondary click

Now try again to use the secondary click on your Magic Mouse: right-click on something on this webpage to see if the context menu is opening for your!

See below for some screenshots on how to enable this option in the System Preferences on your Mac device. Happy (right) clicking!

The ‘Mouse’ option in the System Preferences app will allow you to enable and disable your preferences in relation to your Magic Mouse
Under the ‘Point & Click’ menu option of Mouse, select ‘Secondary click’ on the left side. The little video animation that appears on the right will actually show you a small demonstration of the feature you just enabled.


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