Howto Delete All Photos on your iPhone

Over the years, you have taken tons of photos with your iPhone. Every photo is saved locally on your iPhone and can be viewed via the built-in Photos app of the iPhone. And perhaps you want to delete all iPhone photos that you have ever taken on your smartphone.

The trick to quickly erase all pictures on your iOS device is to find a way to bulk delete the pictures so that you don’t have to manually select each photo one by one. If you would select each picture individually, it would take a very long time to wipe clean your iPhone photo library.

Instead of removing the pictures individually, the way forward is to delete the whole album to which your pictures belong. This way, you only need to select each album on your iPhone instead of each picture itself.

So go to the Photos app on your iPhone and go to the Albums tab. You will see an overview of all the existing albums within your pictures library on your iPhone. In the top right corner, you will see the option Select. Tap this option and select all the albums you want to delete. If you want to erase all pictures on your iPhone, this means you will have to select each album you see.

Once the albums are selected, you can go ahead and delete these albums. There is the Bin icon at the bottom right corner which you should tap to delete. You will see a pop up asking you to delete the photos. Confirm this action.

Attention: once you have deleted these albums (and the photos that belong to each album), these photos are first moved to the Recently Deleted folder. To permanently remove the photos from your phone, you will need to select the Delete All option in the Recently Deleted folder for these photos to be gone for good.


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