Get the smaller version of an image on Imgur

If you want to show an image on the web or anywhere else from but the image is too large in size, you might want  to only show a smaller version of the original image. By default, the image dimension the image is served as is the full resolution. To reduce this to a large thumbnail, simply add l to the image name.

So if you image URL is, you simply add the l to the image name: Now your image is a large thumbnail! (640×640 pixels)

Large thumbnail image from

Large thumbnail image from

The same can be applied if you need a small square. In this case, you add a s to the image name. And thus, or previous example becomes with a 90×90 dimension.

Small square image from

Small square image from

Here are all the dimensions and letters to choose from:

  • s = Small Square (90×90) as seen in the example above
  • b = Big Square (160×160)
  • t = Small Thumbnail (160×160)
  • m = Medium Thumbnail (320×320)
  • l = Large Thumbnail (640×640) as seen in the example above
  • h = Huge Thumbnail (1024×1024)


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7 thoughts on “Get the smaller version of an image on Imgur

  1. Hi,
    I run a blog on Blogger. I automated posting images using IFTTT. But only the original version is being posted and this has a large impact on the page load time.
    I am aware of the various thumbnails sizes, but is there anyway I can access them using suffixes instead of adding them inbetween the URL beause it is not possible with IFTTT.

    Example: instead of


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