iOS/iPhone: How to Measure the Size of any Object

Perhaps you are in a situation where you don’t have measuring tape / yardstick at hand, or anything else to measure the size of an object. Luckily, with iOS 12, every time you have your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch at hand running the latest and greatest from Apple, you can now get the measurements of that object in no time.

With help of Augmented Reality (via ARKit 2), the Measure app in iOS will help you get the width and height of the thing in front of you with the camera on your phone or tablet. It can measure virtually any object around you, from the size of a book, the package you just received from Amazon, to the measurements in construction works. You can than make photos with the Meaure app and share them directly with anyone, including the centimeters, inches or any other format you are using.

The output file from Measure is the USDZ AR file format. How to open USDZ file format you ask yourself? With Adobe’s Creative Cloud, it is fairly easy to edit those files directly. Do you have Autodesk or Sketchfab installed instead? Those will work fine too.


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