Apple Mail on iOS: How to remove all e-mails from an account?

iPhone, iPod and iPad users often use the built-in Apple Mail client to manage their inbox. Are you looking to delete all e-mails from your account via Apple Mail on your iDevice? There are a couple of ways to do this on your device.

The ‘Move All Emails’ trick

If you have been using iOS for some time, I’m sure you have noticed this mobile operating system has a lot of little tricks hidden away. One of them will allow you to do what you are looking for remove all e-mails on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Mail application and go to the folder you want to empty (For example: Inbox)
  • In the top right corner, tap the Edit button
  • You can now select one or more messages. Select the first message in the list
  • The ‘Move’ option will appear: hold it down. While holding down this button, deselect the e-mail you selected earlier
  • Now lift your fingers off the screen and wait some seconds.
  • The Mail app should now ask you to which folder you want to move all the e-mails (yes, all e-mails!)
  • Since you want to remove them, select the Trash folder
Apple Mail app on an Apple iPhone device running iOS

That was it. All e-mails from your inbox are moved to the Trash can folder. From the Trash folder, it is fairly easy to completely remove the e-mail items completely. Either you wait 30 days and they will be purged automatically. Or you go to the Trash folder and select all e-mail messages and select to Delete them.

Use another e-mail app

The first method described above is quite a hidden trick to remove all messages on iOS at once, without having to manually select each individual e-mail in the Inbox (or any other folder).

So you may want to switch to another app to manage your emails. An app that is often recommended is the Outlook app from Microsoft. This app is frequently updated with new features, free, and allows to bulk delete e-mails on iPhone and the other iOS devices.

Delete all emails via the provider’s web interface

The third and last option is to go to the web client (webmail) of your e-mail provider. For example Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, .. and many other e-mail providers out there offer a web client. The web client is available via your web browser and also usually offers a mobile accessible site (even though the desktop version will offer more functionalities).

Once logged in into the web interface, you should be able to ‘Select all’ e-mails in a given folder and either move them to the Deleted folder or directly permanently remove them from your e-mail account.


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