LastPass: Save a site with three or more login fields

LastPass is a great way to generate complex and unique passwords for all of your sites and apps. LastPass will automatically ask you to save new login information and the whole process is very easy to use.

However, sometimes websites ask more than a username and a password when you have to login. For example, a website may ask you for your user id, your e-mail and your password. Or username, password and PIN. Or an another example might be that you need to login to a server and you need to provide multiple details: server IP, port, protocol, username and password. And that’s something LastPass can handle as well!

Step 1: Go to the login page that has three or more login input fields. Now fill in these fields.

Step 2: Click on the LastPass icon in your browser and go to ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Save All Entered Data’



Step 3: A new tab should open and it should contain your entered information. Save this information and you now have the ability to let LastPass fill these fields in for you!



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One thought on “LastPass: Save a site with three or more login fields

  1. Thanks,
    for sites with static field names this will work as described.
    For sites like a citrix client viewer portal that has random generated field names, it is not because next time the field names are no longer exist.

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