Check Disk Quota on Office 365

office365_logoMicrosoft Office 365 is an online collaboration suite that is very similar to Microsoft Office, but it’s entirely hosted in the cloud.

However, even if your mailbox or documents are now in the cloud, there is a disk quota. So once you go over this quota, you will no longer be able to send or receive e-mail or store new files.

In Office 365, it is now clearly displayed where you can find these usage statistics. In my case, I wanted to check how much disk space I have been using so far for my mailbox.

Ultimatly, I found the place where this information is being displayed. Go the the settings > options > general > my account. From there, you can find your mail quota for Office 365.

A direct link is also available here:


Mailbox usage. At 49.50 GB you won’t be able to send emails.


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