Open and working torrent tracker list for 2020 – Increase your download speeds

Another year, another torrent tracker list on my website. In this article, you will once again find the a fresh list of open trackers that are fully working. The general advantage of (manually) adding torrent trackers to your downloads is increase the download speed, because you are potentially connected to more seeds and peers.

What is a torrent tracker?

A torrent tracker is actually some kind of server. That server is connected to the internet and keeps track of which persons are currently ‘connected’ to a given torrent file: the seeds and the peers. Both a seed and a peer will help you – potentially – gain a higher download speed. Here is a brief explanation of the difference between both:

  • The peers: the people who have not yet have all the full files, so they are both downloading the file(s) and uploading to other peers. The BitTorrent protocol is not for nothing called a ‘P2P’ (Peer to Peer°) communication protocol.
  • The seeds: the seeds already have all the files fully available and are no longer downloading. The main task of the seed is to upload to the peers.

A torrent tracker helps you discover these peers and seeds.

What are the benefits of adding more torrent trackers?

So given a torrent tracker keeps track of who is uploading and downloading that particular torrent, it can be interesting for you to be connected to a whole bunch of torrent trackers. Because more torrent trackers may give you a wider audience of peers and seeds who can upload the file(s) to you: and this will give you a speed advantage compared to when you are connected to a low number of peers/seed.

Example: let’s say you want to download an old version of a Linux distribution for testing purposes. The old version is often no longer downloaded much, because in most cases people will download the latest version available. In this case, when you download the torrent file, you may see 4 seeds. With only 4 seed, and you may not maximise your potential download speed. By adding some additional torrent trackers, 4 more seeds are now discovered and start uploading data to your client. You virtually doubled your download speed. This can greatly reduce the time needed to completely download the files in that torrent.

How to add a torrent tracker in uTorrent and other programs?

Every torrent download program works a bit different. But luckily, adding a list of torrent trackers is quite easy in all of them. I will give an example for one popular download program: uTorrent.

In uTorrent, right click on the desired torrent file which is downloading. The, click on ‘advanced’. In the dedicated file, you append the list that you copied (for example from this web page).

Before you torrent, think about a decent VPN service

To further secure your torrent downloads, I personally recommend to explore to active a VPN service. A VPN will minimise only tracking of your activity, or hide your location.

Take a look at RusVPN, who is currently offering some nice discounts.

Torrent tracker list 2020

And here it is, a list of torrent trackers that are fully working at this moment and don’t require registration or payment in any sort (they are open for the public).

You will notice that between each torrent tracker URL, there is a new line. This is on purpose: most torrent download programs require this specific format.












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