Original Apple iPhone/iPod: Earth lockscreen wallpaper

One of the very first lockscreen wallpapers that were by default shown on porable Apple devices (such as the iPod and the iPhone) was an image of Earth.

The image of the earth, as shown from space, is a very iconic and recognisable photo that everyone will notice. For me personally, I thought it was fun to put this famous picture on my iPhone.

Original ‘Earth’ wallpaper on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro smartphone.

Download wallpapers

The Earth wallpapers were quite hard to find. Especially a high resolution version of this picture was rare.

Below you can find the original iPhone / iPod Earth wallpaper, ready for download, in 3 different resolutions. You could use it on your phone, laptop, tablet, …

  • Medium resolution: 1280×800 pixels (download)
  • High resolution (HD): 1920×1080 pixels (download)
  • Very high resolution (2K): 2560×1600 pixels (download)

and there you go!


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