How much energy does a Raspberry Pi use per year? Cost calculation

A Raspberry Pi can be used for various cool Raspberry projects. As such, it is likely that your Raspberry Pi will be powered on all the time: 24/7 and year round. So you may be wondering: what does it cost me to have my Raspberry Pi turned on for one year? What is its power Keep reading →


Old RaspBerry Pi? Here are the 5 best uses for your old Raspberry Pi computer

A Raspberry Pi is a very cool, tiny computer that has many use cases. If you have an old Raspberry Pi laying around, there are certainly very interesting and productive DIY projects you can create yourself (and learn as well by doing so). Of course, the older Raspberry Pi models are very powerful, so don’t Keep reading →


How to record your iPhone screen: without installing an app

The iPhone allows you to record your own screen. That’s very cool to record something you are doing and afterwards share it to someone else. It also a great way to make a tutorial which you can later share online, such as on YouTube. In order to start recording your iPhone screen, you will need Keep reading →


Apple Mail on iOS: How to remove all e-mails from an account?

iPhone, iPod and iPad users often use the built-in Apple Mail client to manage their inbox. Are you looking to delete all e-mails from your account via Apple Mail on your iDevice? There are a couple of ways to do this on your device. The ‘Move All Emails’ trick If you have been using iOS Keep reading →


Here is How to Clean Your Headphones the Proper Way

Headphones are great to escape the world around you and enjoy some really great music. Especially while commuting or when doing an activity (such as a workout, or studying), listening to music can either be extremely relaxing or motivating. So it’s only logical you want to take good care of your pair of cans. Cleaning Keep reading →


Howto Delete All Photos on your iPhone

Over the years, you have taken tons of photos with your iPhone. Every photo is saved locally on your iPhone and can be viewed via the built-in Photos app of the iPhone. And perhaps you want to delete all iPhone photos that you have ever taken on your smartphone. The trick to quickly erase all Keep reading →


Waarop je moet letten als je een nieuwe computer koopt

Er is heel wat keuze om uit te kiezen als je een nieuwe laptop of desktop computer wilt aankopen. Dus waarop moet je dan letten, als je een nieuw toestel wilt aanschaffen? Allereerst kan je natuurlijk afgaan op online reviews, maar je wilt natuurlijk ook zelf je huiswerk doen en goed op elk detail letten. Keep reading →


Comparison of free IMAP e-mail hosting providers

Even though the use of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, … are all on the rise as communication channels, e-mail is still and will be an important aspect for people and businesses to communicate. In the past, I have used G Suite (back then: Google Apps) and Zoho, but these all became paid. So I was looking Keep reading →


Transfer video files from Windows computer to iPad without iTunes

In 2019, iTunes will no longer exist. If you using iTunes today to transfer movies from your Windows computer to your iPad, this means that you will have to come up with an alternative method to move those files over to your iOS device. Option 1: Sharing via Wi-Fi Since the launch of VLC for Keep reading →


Fix ‘This page can’t load Google Maps correctly’ error on website

Websites of companies often contain a Google Maps preview of their location(s) on the ‘Contact’ page. However, recently, I often saw that on many website, this preview did not show correctly. Instead, it showed a popup error message. This led me to investigate why this happens so often and how I could correct this error. Keep reading →


How to change that ‘wp-admin’ URL to something else

By default, every WordPress installation will use as default URL to host the Admin login page and dashboard. It will be harder for visitors to know that you website is powered by WordPress, and it may even increase security as people will not have a clue where your admin login page is. The first Keep reading →


Accidentally open the Research Pane? Here is how to disable it in Office (Excel, Word)

The Research pane is a small utility build in some Office applications. It allows to search the meaning of a word, get synonyms, pronunciation… The Research Pane is,  however, often opened by accident. When pressing the ALT key and clicking, the window opens on the right side. This can be very annoying to say the Keep reading →


Bloomon Promocode: Gratis Vaas én Welkomstcadeau bij je eerste bestelling

Wil je een gratis vaas en leuk cadeautje van Rituals bij je eerste bestelling? Bloomon nog niet geprobeerd? Bloomon laat je toe om een abonnement te nemen en zo elke week, tweekelijkse of maandelijks een bosje bloemen te laten toekomen bij jou thuis of op kantoor. De bloemen zijn steeds super vers en elke keer Keep reading →


How to find your iPhone’s IMEI number when it is stolen

First of all: I’m very sorry. If you visit this page, it means you either lost your iPhone, or it got stolen. Unfortunately, a family member had his iPhone stolen on a Sunday. Even though the thief was caught on camera and the police was involved, there is often not much you can do.Things to Keep reading →


Disable the Red and Green Lights on a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has two LED light indicators: Green (the ‘action light’): to indicate the system is busy/working Red (the ‘power light’)’: to indicate the system is not getting enough power To stop the lights from blinking, you can execute the following commands on your Raspberry Pi (via SSH for example): Disable the green LED: Keep reading →


Fully Uninstall OneDrive in Windows 10 (and prevent from being reinstalled again)

There are a great deal of options available for any consumer or business to back-up important files to the cloud. If you are using Windows 10, there will be automatically Microsoft’s OneDrive installed on that device. But if you prefer another back-up solution (for example: Google’s Drive, or Dropbox), you may want to fully uninstall Keep reading →


Renaming a Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

Your Windows 10 device, be it a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, is likely going to have Bluetooth built-in. Bluetooth is great for connecting various devices to your computer/tablet. I personally like to play some music while I work, so I connect my Bluetooth speakers to my Windows 10 laptop. When connecting a new Bluetooth Keep reading →


Find Your Windows 10 digital License/Product Key

Windows 10 is a versatile operating system that can be installed on almost any device: ranging from a desktop computer, to a tablet or a laptop. It is important for your own safety that you have a valid and activated Windows 10 copy installed on your workstation. To check the product key status on your Keep reading →


Guide: Installing HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi

HomeBridge is a great open source software package (available on GitHub) which allows you to control non-HomeKit certified hardware (e.g. power outlets, camera’s, thermostats, ..). HomeBridge can be installed on virtually any piece of hardware, but in this tutorial I will specifically focus on installing the software on a Raspberry Pi (and more concretely the Keep reading →


iPhone on Windows 10: “Device is unreachable” SOLVED

You have connected your iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with the lightening cable and are ready to copy photos and videos that you took on your device to your Windows 10 computer. However, upon opening Windows Explorer and pasting the files to your designated location, you receive the following error: Device is unreachable. Keep reading →