Set Custom DNS Servers for Specific Wi-Fi network on MacOS

Currently I am running AgGuard to block ads when I am connected to my local network via Wi-Fi. This is a great adblocking tool – it works basically the same as Pi-Hole (which I tried before using AdGuard and its one of the best Raspberry Pi use cases). Each DNS request is sent to AdGuard Continue reading →


Open torrent tracker list (September 2021) – Working trackers only

If you are looking to increase the download speed of your torrents, one of the best options is to ensure you are connected to a large number of torrent trackers. A torrent tracker is helping your torrent program (for example: uTorrent or qBittorrent) to discover more seeds and peers, which ultimately will help boost your Continue reading →


Reclaim the full storage capacity of an SD card on macOS

Earlier this year, I had been flashing the HomeBridge image on an SD card to use it together with a Raspberry Pi. While it was a great learning experience, I now wanted to try Home Assistant to control my smart home. As such, I wanted to repurpose the Raspberry: remove HomeBridge from the SD card Continue reading →


Update Linux (Unify controller) error message

I’m running the Unify controller software on the Raspberry Pi. For some reason, I encountered an error message when updating my Linux operating system via the sudo apt-get update command: Here is how I solved this: Entering this command started to upgrade unify 6.0 to 6.1 on my Raspberry device. Update Linux (Unify controller) error Continue reading →


Speedtest from the command line interface (without installing software)

Performing an internet speedtest is an interesting way to measure how fast your internet connection is. It may give you insights into your internet connection quality, or you may want to know if you get what you pay for. I wrote my own internet speedtest, but a more popular alternative is However, you may Continue reading →


Updated 2021 Torrent Tracker List (Open and Working)

Eearlier, I published some of the best open torrent trackers that you can use to speed up your torrent downloads. Given we are at the beginning of a new year, I once again publish an up-to-date tracker list that is to be copy and pasted into the torrent program to find more seeds and peers. Continue reading →


Default username and password for HP Printers

HP printers are very common: they are a major manufacturer of printers for personal and professional use. I recently bought a HP printer (type: DeskJet 2720), and came across an issue: the printer demanded a username and password combination on the Embedded Web Server to adapt some advanced settings. However, I had no clue what Continue reading →



I recently bought a Raspberry Pi (model 4B with 2GB of RAM memory) to play a bit with HomeBridge and to also expand my knowledge on (basic) scripting and Linux in general. After re-installing the Raspbian image on my Raspberry Pi, I tried to remotely connect to the Pi with SSH again via Terminal on Continue reading →


MacOS Big Sur: Hour of release for your time zone

Big Sure is the newest operating system from Apple for your Mac device. It has been long awaited by many people, and the big day is finally here: the Big Sur release day is today (November 12 2020). But if the update is still now showing up on your Mac, it may be due to Continue reading →


Working Torrent Tracker List – November 2020

Looking for a list of open torrent trackers to speed up your torrent downloads? Look no further: in this post I gathered a list of free and working trackers for your torrent download program to increase download speeds. Indeed, the more seeds and peers can be found (via a torrent tracker) for any torrent download, Continue reading →


Betreft: Er is extra informatie nodig over uw pakketje uit het buitenland

Bereken hier de douanekosten die je kan verwachten voor zendingen buiten de Europese Unie. GELIEVE DE GEVRAAGDE DOCUMENTEN TE BEZORGEN Via of te e-mailen naar [email protected] REF [tracking-code] Machelen, [datum] Betreft: Er is extra informatie nodig over uw pakketje uit het buitenland Zendingsnummer van dit pakket: [tracking-code] Geachte [ontvanger] Er is een pakketje naar Continue reading →


How to make an XML sitemap for WordPress

Sitemaps are important because they can notify search engines of all the webpages on your domain. The sitemap is a structured way to tell for example Google what pages it should add to their search index. If you use WordPress, there are a couple of ways to generate a sitemap for your website. What is Continue reading →


The 5 best WeTransfer alternatives – Transfer large files online

We all have more data at our fingertips: from large high definition videos, to big photo albums. Often, you want to share these files with others. Certainly when you want to collaborate with someone, or you want to share the files with clients online (they paid you for your work, so logically they want to Continue reading →


Safari on Mac: How to refresh a page (keyboard shortcut)

Recently, I made the move from a Windows 10 computer to a MacBook Pro running MacOS. What a shift it has been! While the move has been relatively easy, I had to learn quite a few new things here and there. One of the main recurrent keyboard shortcuts I used on Windows was the F5 Continue reading →


Google Photos: How do save a full album to your computer

All my photos on my phone are automatically back up to Google Photos. They offer unlimited storage (the images are slightly compressed, though), and so it is great to store all images in the cloud without having to think about limitations. However, I also like to use Adobe Lightroom or some other photo editing tools Continue reading →


Hide the new ‘Meet’ section in Gmail web

Google has introduced a new small area in Gmail web called ‘Meet’. This new option allows you to do two things: Start a meeting Join a meeting You may be wondering what this option is, why it is there, and how to remove or hide it. What is Google Meet? Google Meet is a product Continue reading →


Overview of maximum email attachment size per provider

Error message if attachment size is exceeding the limitation Depending on your e-mail program, e-mail provider, … you may see one of the below error messages when trying to attach or upload a file to your e-mail, or when trying to sentt the concerned message. Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. The file you’re attaching Continue reading →


WordPress: Fix ‘The editor has encountered an unexpected error’

After upgrading WordPress to the newest version, I received the following error message when trying to edit pages and posts in the WordPress dashboard: The editor has encountered an unexpected error. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘DotTip’ of undefined I am presented with three options/buttons: Attempt Recovery, Copy Post Text, Copy Error. Very strange to see Continue reading →


Solve iPhone error in Mail: Multipe Account Errors

The default Mail app in iOS and iPadOS is mostly great: it is rather simple, but it does the job in order to effectively manage e-mail. In my case, I have multiple e-mail accounts configured on my iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes I receive the following error when trying to fetch new mails manually: Multiple Account ErrorsThe Continue reading →


The 5 best and free photo editor programs as alternative to Photoshop

Click, click, click… If you use a professional DSLR or a smartphone picture: taking pictures with your favourite digital camera is super easy. But that’s just the first step! A picture can become so much better when you edit it with photo editing program. Next to the well-known (but expensive!) Adobe Photoshop, there are some Continue reading →