Fix: php mail() slow to sent on Ubuntu

php_script_function_codeI recently installed sendmail to set up e-mail on my server. It’s as easy as intalling that package via apt-get:

apt-get install sendmail

E-mail was installed correctly and working properly, because I tested it by creating a testmail.php file with these contents:

mail ('mail', "Test title", "Test mail from postfix via terminal on Ubuntu server with sendmail");

Then, from the command line, I check if everything was working as I was expecting via this command:

php -f testmail.php

However, I took about half a minute (~30 seconds) for this little PHP script to finish, which was too long so something was going wrong.

Ultimately, I had to edit my host file, found at /etc/hosts. I had something like this: localhost, where I needed the FQDN, such as this:

After changing this value, my issue was fixed and sending e-mails did no longer take half a minute, but rather less than a second.


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