Proxmox Installation Stuck at 3%: “Create LVs”

Just some weeks ago I bought a used Mac mini. The Mac mini is equipped with a decent i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. I was thinking of installing Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) on this computer in order to run multiple operating systems on it, such as Home Assistant, Ubuntu and MacOS.

However, when inserting the USB drive with the Proxmox installation files and performing the installation, it seems the installation got stuck. During the ‘create LVs’ step, the installer didn’t move for many minutes. The ‘LV’ abbreviation is actually the logical volumes that are being created. (more info here)

The installation process for Proxmox wasn’t actually stuck at 3 procent, rather it was just a step that is taking a longer time as my device has a HDD (and not a faster SSD). So I just needed some more patience – and maybe you do too :-)


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One thought on “Proxmox Installation Stuck at 3%: “Create LVs”

  1. Thanks, actually I’m just about at that point (doing a re-install after getting a 1 TB ssd). Your post helped me waiting just some more.

    You see – this is not just a thing of mechanical drives..


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