Safari on Mac: How to refresh a page (keyboard shortcut)

Recently, I made the move from a Windows 10 computer to a MacBook Pro running MacOS. What a shift it has been! While the move has been relatively easy, I had to learn quite a few new things here and there.

One of the main recurrent keyboard shortcuts I used on Windows was the F5 function-key to refresh a webpage in the browser. However, on MacOS, there is no such key. For me, I then simply hit the refresh button manually in the browser window. But, this takes time and becomes annoying quite fast. What is the keyboard shortcut on Mac to refresh a Safari page? What is the equivalent F5 keyboard shortcut that I used to use on Windows?

The answer is luckily relatively simple, although on Mac you have to press a key combination instead of 1 single key.

Refresh Safari webpage on MacOS

Use the key combination Command and the R key to refresh a Safari page on MacOS.

Perform a refresh of a webpage on MacOS Safari browser by pressing Command+R key combination

⌘ + R

Hard refresh a Safari webpage on MacOS (clear cache)

Sometimes, a simple refresh of a page is not enough – you may want to also clear cache and cookies for a given webpage in the Safari browser on your Apple computer. You will combine 3 keys on your keyboard as a shortcut to do a hard refresh, Option, Command and R:

The key combination Option+Command+R will do a hard refresh of the browser, which erases cache and cookies for that webpage on Safari.

⌥ + ⌘ + R

Alternative way to do a refresh

You may also perform a refresh of a page by clicking the refresh button next to the address/URL. Or, hold the Shift key and click on the refresh button to do a hard refresh of a page (i.e. removes cookies and cache).


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