Solve iPhone error in Mail: Multipe Account Errors

The default Mail app in iOS and iPadOS is mostly great: it is rather simple, but it does the job in order to effectively manage e-mail. In my case, I have multiple e-mail accounts configured on my iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes I receive the following error when trying to fetch new mails manually:

Multiple Account Errors
The following accounts have errors: Gmail, Outlook. Please select the individual accounts to see more information.

Mail app on iPhone
Multip Account Errors on the Mail app on an iPhone smartphone

Possible solutions to fix the multiple account errors popup message to try out:

Restart your device

“Did you try turning it off and on again?’. It is a very basic action to take, but often, restarting your device solves a lot of problems. Restart your iPhone or iPad and try again to get new e-mails.

Retry to fetch new e-mail later

Sometimes this is just an error message that will appear once, but will not be shown again. Perhaps your device just at that moment switched from mobile data to WiFi, and the Mail app could not connect to either of your e-mail accounts. Of course, this is a rare case, and will be solved when you have stable internet connection.

Another possibility is that your e-mail hosting provider (Outlook 365 or Microsoft Exchange, Yandex, Gmail or G Suite, Yahoo, Zoho, ..) is temporary down. It is rare that these big companies face downtime, but it certainly occurs every so often.

Dismiss the error and pull down to try again to fetch new data (make sure your iPhone is indeed connected to the internet).

Force close the Mail app

Another approach is to force close the Mail app. For some reason, it may be that the Mail app is stuck at some point, and closing the app manually could resolve the errors for your mail accounts.

Remove and add the e-mail account

If the above methods still didn’t help you out, it may be time be more drastic. By fully removing your e-mail account(s) and adding it again, you may solve the issue (in fact, there is a high chance).

Go to Settings, Passwords & Account, then under Accounts you should first select Delete Account. Then once deleted, go ahead and select Add Account in order to configure again your e-mail account.

Did this help you? Or did you find another solution that may help others? Share it below in the comments.


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  1. Poor advice that never solves anything properly on IOS. Lazy writing. If you don’t know the reason for these IOS problems don5 bother

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