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HTML CSSStyling your webpages with CSS is mostly quite basic. Still, sometimes you may be looking for a more challenging task. One I hadn’t had before was styling every other element in CSS. So in essence, I wanted to add a styling to the even or odd elements that occurred in HTML.

To exemplify this, let’s say you want to colour all the odd rows in a table. You could add styling manually to each of the odd rows, but that would not be satisfying solution. Instead, the answer you are looking for are CSS pseudo-classes. The syntax of such a pseudo-class looks like this:

 selector:pseudo-class { property: value; }

In our example, we want to use :nth-child(odd). For our table, if we want to give every other row a different background-color, this becomes:

		<td>Example 1</td>
		<td>Example 2</td>
		<td>Example 3</td>
		<td>Example 4</td>
		<td>Example 5</td>
		<td>Example 6</td>
		<td>Example 7</td>
		<td>Example 8</td>
		<td>Example 9</td>
		<td>Example 10</td>
		<td>Example 11</td>
		<td>Example 12</td>
tr:nth-child(odd) {
	background-color: #eee

This would become:

Example 1Example 2
Example 3Example 4
Example 5Example 6
Example 7Example 8
Example 9Example 10
Example 11Example 12

The table background colour as shown above is white, except for the odd rows, they are coloured.


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