SYNCML-ORPHANED Google Calendar on Sony Xperia

Google logoOn the Google Calendar app on my Android device (Sony Xperia Z2, running the Android operating system version 5.1), I have an extra system account calendar that appears.

The owner is called SYNCML-ORPHANED and has one calendar named Phone calendar. A solution to fix this behaviour is something I’m still looking for. I already tried removing my Google account and adding it back; or reinstalling the Calendar app manually, but to no avail.

Feel free to add your comments if you have any solution. From my Google searches, it appears that Sony devices might be the culprit here.


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8 thoughts on “SYNCML-ORPHANED Google Calendar on Sony Xperia

    1. The proposed solution worked on my Sony Xperia 2 Tablet.

      Many thanks to Taegil. After installing the business calendar app (and making the missing calendar visible) the missing calendar ist shown again in both google calendar and also in the Sony calendar app.

      I am not sure if Sony or Google caused the problem, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. Is somebody able to open a ticket on Sony or Google side?

  1. In my case, I still can not find a solution. It started to appear after restoring the backup with Xperia Companion.
    For the next one I know, I have to deactivate the Calendar backup. Because when you restore everything, the events are duplicated

      1. I have a Sony XZ.
        I had recurring appointments that I had deleted on Google Calendar, popping up on my phone “SYNCML-ORPHANED” calendar. I could not access the appointments to delete them there.
        I installed “iCal Import/Export CalDAV” and was able to delete the “SYNCML-ORPHANED” calendar, and along with it the “deleted” appointments.

        Thanks pbarrette.

  2. Solution:
    Clear data of the app ‘Calendar Storage’. As this is a system app, you need to activate ‘Show system’ in the app list.

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