Google Chrome: Return to the old design

With the latest release of Chrome (i.e. 69), Google browser, a new design was introduced. Chrome now has square tabs for example, and somewhat different colours are used as well (i.e. lighter colour scheme). However, you may dislike this new Chrome layout. You may think: how to go back to the old Chrome? Since you Continue reading →


Google Play isn’t responding. Error code: 927

Recently I received an error code when updating some Android apps on a OnePlus One with Cyanogenmod 13 (Android Marshmallow). Upon updating the app, both on Wi-Fi or mobile data, I received an error code. The error was: Not responding Google Play isn’t responding. Try again in a few minutes, and if the problem continues, Continue reading →


Delete duplicate pictures in Google Photos

Google Photos is by far the best tool to save all of your pictures to; I even moved my Flickr library to Google Photos recently and I couldn’t be happier. The great feature of Google Photos, next to its easy to use interface, is the unlimited number of photos you can store. Since it’s unlimited, Continue reading →


Enable Material Design in Google Chrome

Google Material Design can be found on a wide range of Google products and services, from Google Android to Google Calendar. Now, Google is starting to introduce the material design language in their Google Chrome webbrowser as well. It’s a big step forward when it comes to design for this web browser. Since its introduction, Continue reading →


Change the language of the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store, found at, displayed the wrong language for me, which it determined using my IP address. There is no option on the Play Store to switch to another language – which is, in contrary, available on some other Google sites. My solution was to append &hl=en to the end of the URL. Continue reading →


Make Google Calendar iFrame responsive

Google Calendar allows you to embed one or more calendars on the web using an HTML iFrame. This is a great solution to publish an agenda online since it allows you to quickly share your existing calendar online with just a copy and paste. Still, the output is an outdated iFrame of the Google Calendar Continue reading →


Check if a website supports HTTP/2

The web is ready to get a whole new protocol! Since about 1997, the web has been mostly powered by HTTP/1.1. Back in the 90’s, the web had other needs than we have today. The new protocl version, HTTP version 2 or in short HTTP/2, has some much needed improvements in terms of speed, reliability Continue reading →


Enable Edge-like smooth scroll in Google Chrome

Microsoft‘s Edge browser brings a ton of great features. It’s Microsoft’s brand new browser that was introduced together with their latest operating system, Windows 10. One of these features is smooth scrolling. This means that when you scroll (with a trackpad, a mouse or by touch), the page will smoothly advance. This gives a very natural Continue reading →


SYNCML-ORPHANED Google Calendar on Sony Xperia

On the Google Calendar app on my Android device (Sony Xperia Z2, running the Android operating system version 5.1), I have an extra system account calendar that appears. The owner is called SYNCML-ORPHANED and has one calendar named Phone calendar. A solution to fix this behaviour is something I’m still looking for. I already tried removing Continue reading →


Google Photos: Find the total number of photos

If you use Google Photos to backup all of your images from your smartphone, tablet or other devices, I’m sure you have amassed quite a bit of audiovisual content. And maybe you are even wondering what the total number of photos you have stored on Google Photos currently? Unfortunately, there is no build-in option on Continue reading →


Google Ads Policy: Important information regarding the user consent policy

I just received the following e-mail from [email protected] mailed by Dear Publisher, We want to let you know about a new policy about obtaining EU end-users’ consent that reflects regulatory and best practice guidance. It clarifies your duty to obtain end-user consent when you use products like Google AdSense, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Continue reading →


Redirect if the URL does not match with .htaccess

This blogpost will briefly explain how you can redirect your website if the domain name does (not) match a certain word or words. For example: you want to redirect to and of course, because you take SEO into consideration, you want all of your pages to redirect from one domain to the other one Continue reading →


Creating a valid sitemap.xml file for SEO

A sitemap is a great way to show search engines a list of all the webpages on your domain. It’s a best practice for Search Engine Optimisation! I always suggest to use the Google Search Console dashboard to submit a sitemap to Google, and the Bing Webmaster Tools as well. By adding your sitemap to these Continue reading →


Correct breadcrumbs markup

Recently, I was looking for a valid markup for breadcrumbs. From my internet searches, I found many examples. However, most of these examples were not valid when I tested them with the Structured Data Testing Tool from the Google Developers website. Some errors I received included: The property title is not recognised by Google Continue reading →