Hiding a Google Analytics web property

I use many Google products. One of them is Google Analytics and it’s my favourite web analysis and reporting tool, thanks to its rich reports and extended features. However, recently I wanted to hide a Google Analytics property. Some websites I set up a few years ago, do no longer exist and so I wanted to Continue reading →


Howto: Moving your Flickr pictures to Google Photos

Google announced Google Photos, giving everyone with a Google account unlimited storage to safely backup all of their photos and videos. I expect many people to move over all of their pictures to Google Photos. One service that gained some popularity was Yahoo’s Flickr, which offered 1TB of storage. However, this is yet another account to Continue reading →


Disable G Suite Scripts e-mail notifications

Certain G Suite scripts send out e-mail notifications based on your predefined triggers. For example, there is the Gmail meter which uses the activityReport function to sent out e-mails to your Google address (Gmail or G Suite). However, if you would like to stop receiving these e-mails, deleting that script is not enough. Because if you Continue reading →


Embed a Google Drive folder on your website

If you want to show a folder from Google Drive on your website or blog, you can use an iframe to accomplish this. First, get the public URL of the folder. This might light like this: https://drive.google.com/#folders/unX9VBU8x9m66rJdZv (not an actual link). That last bit is the folder ID: unX9VBU8x9m66rJdZv. The iframe HTML code is: List view This will Continue reading →