phpMyAdmin – Error #1040 – Too many connections

You might encounter the error message: “phpMyAdmin – Error #1040 – Too many connections” when you work in the phpMyAdmin interface. This probably is something you don’t have to worry about that much. It is likely a temporary issue with your database and reloading the page should solve the issue. However, if this error is one Continue reading →


Install APC on CentOS/Fedore

To install APC, or Alternative PHP Cache, on your CentOS webserver, you should first install its dependencies: Now, install APC with the use of PECL (or PHP Extension Community Library): Now it is installed, we should enable it in our Apache configuration file. To enable it, we edit our php.ini file: We finalize the installation Continue reading →


Custom welcome message at boot on CentOS

To edit or add a welcome message on CentOS (and this will probably work on other Linux distributions too), simply login to SSH first. Once logged in, edit the following file /etc/motd with vi, nano or any other editor you prefer. I like nano, so I’ll go with that. Here, you can customize the message or, Continue reading →


Update/Sync time on CentOS

We will use the NTP daemon to update or sync the time of our CentOS server (or other Linux server). Make sure it is installed: Then, start the daemon: Now let’s update the time and date: If you get the error Can’t adjust the time of day: Operation not permitted, you probably use a VPS. Continue reading →