Change nickname in Pokémon GO

The first time you start Pokémon GO, you are asked to put in your username. This has to be a unique name that no other user is currently using today. Can a nickname be changed afterwards? It is already known to be easy to change a Pokémon’s nickname. But it is indeed also possible to Continue reading →


Here is how much mobile data Pokémon GO uses

Pokémon GO is a widely popular mobile game with innovative features such as augmented reality. As such, many people in various countries play the game. While many people in developed countries have unlimited data plans, many more people have data caps on a monthly basis. For them, it is critical to track their mobile data Continue reading →


How to catch Pikachu in Pokémon GO

One of the most iconic Pokémon is Pikachu. This electric Pokémon is actually the evolution of Pichu; and Pikachu in its turn evolves into a Raichu. But how you do catch a Pikachu in Pokémon GO? If have not yet started playing Pokémon GO, you are in luck. There is a little known trick in Continue reading →


How to delete your Pokémon GO account

Currently, Pokémon GO has not build-in option to delete your account. So you won’t find such option the settings menu for example. But luckily it is possible to fully delete your Pokémon GO account and erase all data associated with it. Pokémon GO is operated by Niantic Inc. and they have a support team which Continue reading →


How to reset a Pokémon GO account

You want to start over. Let’s say you choose the wrong starter Pokémon for example. You already looked in the settings menu of the Pokémon GO app and you couldn’t find any way to reset your progress back to the start of the game. It is currently not possible to entirely reset your game progress. Continue reading →