Redirect if the URL does not match with .htaccess

This blogpost will briefly explain how you can redirect your website if the domain name does (not) match a certain word or words. For example: you want to redirect to and of course, because you take SEO into consideration, you want all of your pages to redirect from one domain to the other one Continue reading →


Creating a valid sitemap.xml file for SEO

A sitemap is a great way to show search engines a list of all the webpages on your domain. It’s a best practice for Search Engine Optimisation! I always suggest to use the Google Search Console dashboard to submit a sitemap to Google, and the Bing Webmaster Tools as well. By adding your sitemap to these Continue reading →


Correct breadcrumbs markup

Recently, I was looking for a valid markup for breadcrumbs. From my internet searches, I found many examples. However, most of these examples were not valid when I tested them with the Structured Data Testing Tool from the Google Developers website. Some errors I received included: The property title is not recognised by Google Continue reading →


Web Exception Status: SecureChannelFailure

Web Exception Status: SecureChannelFailure Bing could not verify ownership of this site. See below for more details: XML URL Web Exception Status: SecureChannelFailure Meta Tag URL Web Exception Status: SecureChannelFailure It appears Bing Webmaster Tools can’t handle SSL connections that well… Web Exception Status: SecureChannelFailure was last modified: November 18th, 2014 by Thomas