The C:\SWTOOLS folder explained on Lenovo computers

I own a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon laptop. It’s a great laptop; sturdy too. Recently, I came across a folder called SWTOOLS, found in the root of my C drive. Its size was 4GB and has over 4000 items in it. So, what’s inside? I found these folders: antivirus APPS DRIVERS LenovoWelcome LSSB MISC OSFIXES readyapps skype Keep reading →


Lenovo ThinkPad Wallpapers (1600×900 pixels)

I found some cool Lenovo ThinkPad wallpapers which would look good on your 1600×900 pixels screen! These wallpapers are not mine, I did not create them. I found these on various websites, without an author, so I have no idea who made these.   And as a bonus, here is another 1600×900 wallpaper. The author Keep reading →