The 5 best WeTransfer alternatives – Transfer large files online

We all have more data at our fingertips: from large high definition videos, to big photo albums. Often, you want to share these files with others. Certainly when you want to collaborate with someone, or you want to share the files with clients online (they paid you for your work, so logically they want to benefit from the outcome).

What is WeTransfer?

Most people know WeTransfer already. It’s in fact a simple website that allows anyone to upload files, and then the link with others so they can download those files.

Positive points of WeTransfer

WeTransfer certainly is a great service. I list some of its pro’s:

  • No registration required
  • Up to 2GB (can be one or multiple files)
  • Notify the receiver via e-mail
  • Shareable link
  • Easy to use
  • Pro version offers higher file size

So it’s a very simple, yet effective free online file transfer service that you can use without registration. It is likely going to be a great service for 90% of all users.

Negative points of WeTransfer

I note the following 3 key negative remarks for the WeTransfer file sharing website:

  • Commercial company, with advertisements
  • Limitation of 2GB file size
  • Some people complain of slow upload and download speeds

In order to at least tackle 1 of these 3 remarks, I searched for

Best free WeTransfer alternatives

KPN Secure File Transfer

The first alternative for WeTransfer is KNP Secure File Transfer. While the website currently still in beta phase, it is fully operational.

The first alternative to Wetransfer is KPN Secure File Transfer.

KPN allows to share files up to 4GB, which is double the file storage compared to WeTransfer. Very generous. I find myself having files just over the 2GB file size limit; and in those situation KPN is the best solution.

Just like WeTransfer, it’s free to use and quite easy in terms of usability. Furthermore, you can choose when the files will be deleted on the KPN servers; after x days or after x downloads. Furthermore, you can add a message (optional) and protect the download with a password.

One last feature to mention is the QR codes: each download generates a unique QR code which can then be shared (basically, it works similarly to a download link). The recipient scans it with their smartphone for example.

Firefox Send

The very well known browser Firefox is owned by Mozilla. And Mozilla also happens to offer a file sharing service called ‘Firefox send’.

Another alternative is Firefox send. Equally easy to use interface as WeTransfer.

The Firefox send functionality is actually also built-into the Firefox browser, which allows for easy access to this tool.

  • Up to 2,5GB files (and even larger if you register for a Firefox account)
  • Files are encrypted
  • Ability to password-protect your downloads
  • Fast download and uploads speed (in my experience)


Skotty is a Dutch product that offers both free and paid plans. For all of the 3 plans (including free), you need to register on their website.

Skotty focuses more on business users, but is a good option for individuals too.

While Skotty is more targeted towards businesses, it is still a useful tool for individuals too. All of the 3 plans they offer can be tried for 2 weeks for free, and the Free Plan remains free, but has some limitations.

  • Mailbox-like interface
  • Ability to see when and who downloaded your files (paid)
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Custom branding (paid)

Cloud storage

The very last option I’m discussing is the use of any cloud storage plan that exists. You already (likely) have a Google account for example, which comes with at least 15GB storage in Google Drive. There are plenty more examples, including Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Almost all of those companies offer some sort of free base storage, and the option to buy more (subscription based).

The disadvantage of using a cloud provider is the fact that you manually have to create a shareable link. Also, if you want to delete the files after they have been downloaded, you should make sure yourself not to forget to delete those.


And you? Let me know in the comments below how you are sharing files online. Maybe you have found another website that is great and not listed here yet: share it!


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2 thoughts on “The 5 best WeTransfer alternatives – Transfer large files online

  1. Hello Thomas.

    I would like to throw Filemail ( into the ring. It has free and paid options. With the free version you can send a file of up to 5 GB, have it available for 7 days, and without registering.

    Paid options include Professional, Business, and Enterprise packages. With the Pro version you can send a file of up to 25 GB, password-protect, and branding options.

    The Business package lets you send a file of any size, and you can use the desktop based UDP app, which over long distances gives you faster transfer speeds.

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