Public/open torrent trackers list 2015 (March update)

This is a list of public torrent trackers you can manually add to your torrent downloads using your client (e.g. uTorrent, Transmission, Vuze). You should leave a single blank line between each URL, otherwise these trackers will be ignored.

If a torrent tracker in this list appears to be offline, this might be a temporarily issue and it might come online again in a few hours or days. If you have more public trackers that are working as of 2015, please do add a comment below and let me know.

New version available! Check out the updated 2016 torrent tracker list!











Update, March 3rd: I added some new trackers and removed some non working ones as per the comments and feedback I received. The rarbg tracker seems to have multiple mirrors, such as udp:// and udp:// so you might try out these as well to see if they are working. If you have more working public torrent trackers that do function properly, feel free to suggest them in the comments.


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127 thoughts on “Public/open torrent trackers list 2015 (March update)

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    1. If you find trackers that are no longer functioning properly, please report them. I am also open for suggestions if you have working public torrent trackers you want to share.

  2. I have an idea, why not turn this into an actual website.

    1. List all the trackers you have above & allow people to submit new trackers for addition (auto adding)
    2. Setup a cronjob to test if a tracker is live or not live
    3. Allow people to auto-download if the list
    4. Have someone work on an app to auto-download your list into a torrent client like qbittorrent or utorrent to all active torrents.

    Could work ?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!
      Yes that might be a good idea, not sure if it already exists though.
      Any suggestions for a good domain name? :)

      1. I have made something similar called trackers-hunter .com, it’s a tracker search engine.
        Just paste the torrent hash to find compatible trackers.
        I hope it will be useful!

          1. Select your download.
            On next page you will see something called “Info Hash” It will have something like this: 663E569FD743CC8A8F944847F63921388B881182.
            Copy and paste to Trackers Hunter.

  3. 2 quick questions. I’m new to torrents. The above list, should I add the addresses above to the current list of trackers in my torrents or replace them with these. How do you know what links are no longer working forever? Thanks. :)

    1. Hi Sherri
      You can simply add them. Most torrent clients will ignore duplicate torrent trackers. In case one or more trackers do not work (e.g. timeouts, unreachable), these will be ignored as well.
      If trackers are not working for a few hours, it is most likely temporarily. But if they are offline for too long (i.e. multiple days), chances are these trackers are gone forever.

  4. do you still need a domain name a know one it is not used yet so you need te be fast a dont know if its work butt just try and if its working than use it as a domain name

  5. I’m familiar with using public torrent trackers, but I’m wondering how to truly monitor how effective they are without isolating my download to specifically one tracker. For example, I’m watching the peers tab in my uTorrent (v3.4.2 build 38656 [32-bit]) to see if any new peers start giving me some download kB/s. The issue is, new peers pop in and out all the time as some disconnect, time-out, and others log-in, reconnect, join, add, etc, etc, etc. Furthermore, there currently are no settings in uT to add a column in the info graph to show the tracker medium.

    Is there an external process or some settings tweak that I can use to help me see if adding certain public trackers is actually effective for a given torrent?

    1. By adding additional trackers for a torrent, it is possible that more seeders will be available.
      So add a torrent, wait for the trackers to update, then add the new trackers and check if they add more seeders.

  6. Please don’t hate on the name.. I’m new to this public trackers stuff and a site I’ve been using to check on these trackers;, is saying that a lot of these trackers aren’t working. Can that site be trusted? And if not, which trackers are still working? I’d really like to get this game!

    1. Hi
      I would advise against using torrenteditor. Their service simply isn’t been updated in years.
      Simply add as much trackers are you can find: if one or more torrent trackers do not work, they will be ignored.

  7. Hey man, you may want to add udp:// to your list. Its a new tracker, located in Europe from what I’ve read on KAT.

  8. I use udp://

    Works extremely well for me, its tun by the people who ran the open publicbt and trackers which are no longer working anymore.

  9. Umm.. How does this work, exactly? I added the trackers and I also pressed Update tracker from the torrent’s right-click menu but I don’t see any change. Is it not immediate?

    1. Nothing changed here as well… =(
      I dunno exactly how it works… but maybe it’s some old list…
      I’m trying to download MK X but I can badly reach 100 kbps

  10. Nice set of trackers mate, thanks! I find it useful to keep these trackers in a Notepad document and I update it every now and then, I don’t know anything about them beyond what they do, so I don’t know where to find new ones (apart from here), or how to identify dead trackers. I have seen some Forum posts which advise limiting the amount of trackers to 5 or 6, whereas others say you can add as many as you like. I add them all to every Torrent I download and I still get download speeds around 27mbps, so I’d say go ahead and add them all. They certainly work for me, both to speed up downloads and to kick-start Torrents which have run out of steam and stopped. It seems fair to say duplicate and dead trackers are ignored, they don’t seem to degrade performance at all (I’m sure there are duplicates in my list, but it’s too big and I’m too lazy to look for them!). Checking the Hash for active trackers is a great idea, trackers-hunter .com worked a treat for one of my dead Torrents, so thanks very much for that!

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